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Sports performance training san antonioIf you’re looking for sports performance training in San Antonio, we can help!

Neuro Sports Performance (NSP) is a neurologically-based training system, using the Breakthrough ARPwave Technology, that will put you on the fast-track to the next level of sports performance!

NSP Training is a proven system that expedites improvement, often as much as 60-80% faster, by focusing on training the athletes’ neurological system, which dictates our muscles’ every move.

You’ll get better, faster, quicker, stronger, and more flexible, in less time with less chance of injury.

Our FDA approved and proprietary training system allows you to accomplish things they could never, ever achieve on your own through conventional training, high repetition, and sheer brute force effort.

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Neuro Sports Performance Training Is…

  • The Professional Athlete’s Best Kept Secret

    We’ve all heard of the mind/body connection. NSP Training is the mind/body connection in action. We are all electrical beings, run by a nervous system that literally drives your level of performance. This is the Neurological/Physiological connection, the best kept secret of the world’s greatest athletes.

  • The Most ADVANCED Training System in the World, Period

    For the human body to make quantum leaps in physiological performance and for the brain to send the support needed to allow this to happen, we must train at 93% of our capacity for hours at a time which as we all know is impossible from a physical standpoint…but NOT a neurological standpoint.

  • An ELITE Performance Strategy That Will Change the Way You Train FOREVER

    Your neurological makeup dictates how fast, strong and agile you become due to the fact that the brain will only send the support needed to accomplish these tasks based on the information it receives neurologically. If you continue to train the same way you have always been taught, you will NEVER realize your true physical potential.

Just Imagine…

  • Having the ability to increase your range of motion and flexibility by 25+% instantaneously. How much more explosive would you be? How much faster would you run?
  • Having patented and proprietary technology at your disposal that allowed you to train your Antagonist and Protagonist muscles simultaneously, something that is impossible for you to do on your own. How much stronger would you become?
  • Being able to perform one “Extreme Slow” sprinting movement over a 5 minute period, but having your muscles and brain think that it is occurring at 245X per second neurologically? Imagine the muscle memory this would create, and how much more explosive speed you would have. This is impossible to replicate anywhere else.
  • What your performance level look like if you could train and recuperate simultaneously? With our ARP POV Technology and proprietary protocols, you can actually work out intensely while your muscles are in recuperation mode.
  • Training on a system that immediately increased your body’s ability to absorb force by a minimum of 10 X your current ability. Not only would this allow you play harder and longer but in the process virtually eliminate the chance of 80% of most injuries!
  • Being able to train at high velocity, achieving levels that can NOT be replicated in a weight room, and the more you train at this high velocity with our technology and program, the more your brain thinks of it as your new pattern! When this occurs, the brain sends the support mechanisms for you to continue this high velocity training, which transcends on to the field and becomes your NEW muscle and performance patterns!

Extreme Slow Training

For speed training we use “Extreme Slow” on the ARP POV, which creates a new neurological muscle memory pattern, making you stronger and faster. Read more about Extreme Slow Training.

What Makes The ARPwave Different?

For years, you have trained your body PHYSIOLOGICALLY, with the understanding that this would spur muscle growth, flexibility, strength, agility, speed and overall performance in order to transcend your skills onto the field, baseball diamond or court. In essence, you have continually trained your HARDWARE (your muscles) while ignoring the most important component of what drives elite athletic performance; your NEUROLOGICAL make-up… your SOFTWARE if you will.

You are an electrical being run by a nervous system and this system dictates your muscles every move and literally drives your level of performance, good or bad. However, we continually ignore this important component and train ourselves physiologically day after day, week after week, month after month and sadly year after year.

However, we can expedite our level of physical and athletic performance to elite levels 60% faster than traditional training if we concentrate on building ourselves neurologically; strengthening the very foundation that dictates our performance on the field!

If you continue to train by attempting to increase speed and strength through the “overload principle” and gradual progression, no amount of exercise diversification and “cutting edge performance techniques” will ever work. Why is this? Simply because your brain does not NEED to adapt to a massive increase in velocity or stimuli due to the continued, gradual progression training format you are using; resulting in your brain continuing to only send the Neurological support needed to perform these tasks and not an ounce more.

By utilizing the ARPwave POV Sport’s Proprietary Technology and Training Protocols, we are able to train you neurologically at High Velocity. Which forces the brain to send the support mechanisms needed to allow you to continue at this high rate of activity; making you stronger, faster and quicker in a fraction of the time as compared to outdated traditional training.

ARPwave Clients

What The Pros Are Saying

“You turn on and turn off as rapidly as possible all the involved muscle groups, evolving the energy systems the way they are supposed to be, facilitating the results you want”.

Jay SchroederProfessional Trainer & Athletic Performance Expert

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